Membership in North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology

Membership is open to all medical or osteopathic licensure, trainees of gastroenterology, and allied health care professionals providing gastroenterology care.

Why Join?

  • to help to advance the goals of the North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology
  • to coordinate the efforts of gastroenterologists in the State of North Carolina
  • to secure and maintain the best patient care and the highest standard of practice in gastroenterology
  • to increase awareness of preventive screening provided by gastroenterologist
  • to educate the public concerning the type of services provided by gastroenterologist

Active Membership Application

Applicants must have authentic medical or osteopathic licensure; be in good standing in the community and of sound moral and ethical nature and free of any felony conviction; must have board certification or fulfill the criteria for eligibility for board certification in gastroenterology | Active Member* (Dues 1 year = $175 or 3 years = $450)

Associate Membership Application

Available only to fellows or residents during the period of subspecialty training in gastroenterology; will not pay dues and may not vote. | (Dues $0)

Allied Health Membership Application

Available for Allied Health Professionals in the field of Gastroenterology. | Allied Health Member** (Dues 1 year $125 or 3 years $300)