Charitable Grant Fund

The NCSG Board of Directors is pleased to announce The North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology Charitable Grant Fund.

To support our mission statement by promoting GI healthcare initiatives in NC.

From meeting proceeds minus a contingency fund to be determined by the Board of Directors.

$500 to $10,000.00 /grant/year

Any group or individual seeking to promote GI healthcare in NC.


Must be received 60 days prior to Board of Directors Meeting.


Apply OnLine below or use the fillable PDF.

North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology (NCSG) Charitable Grant Application:

The NCSG mission is to promote the highest standards of gastroenterological care and practice in the State of North Carolina and to educate practitioners, trainees, and the public about gastroenterology.

Requesting Organization/Individual Name:
Tax Exempt Status:
Date of Application:
Application Contact Name:
Application Contact Cell Number:
Application Contact Email:
Application Contact Fax Number:
Organization Director (if different):
Organization Director Contact information:
NC GI Society Sponsor:
NC GI Society Sponsor Cell Number:
NC GI Society Sponsor Email:
Grant Amount Request:
Grant Project Title:
Date of Event or Project Duration:
If applicable provide your organization’s mission statement and website URL:
In 2-3 sentences summarize the grant request project:
In 2-3 sentences explain how your project supports the NC GI Society Mission Statement:

Attachments/Requirements (for individuals and organizations)

  1. Briefly describe your target constituency demographics and how they will benefit from your program. Incorporate the following points: What problem or issue are you addressing with your project? Describe the goals, objectives and activities/strategies involved in this request. (maximum 4 pages)
  2. Briefly describe your plan for evaluating the success of the project. An after event/project report including financial details will be required. Note: Depending on the scope of the event/project the Board of Directors may request an interval project update.
  3. Who will be involved in carrying out the plans outlined in this request? Include brief summary of the qualifications of key individuals involved.
  4. Provide an itemized project/event budget with your project application.
  5. List individually other funding sources for this project request. Include amounts and whether received, committed, or projected/pending.
  6. Provide a letter of support from your NCSG Member Sponsor.

Additional Attachments/Requirements (for an organization)

  1. Briefly describe your organization’s history and major accomplishments.
  2. Briefly describe your organizational structure. What are the responsibilities of the board, staff, and volunteers? Provide a list of your Board of Directors and related demographic information. If it is a membership organization, define criteria for membership.
  3. A copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter if you have one.

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