Annual Meeting Presentations 2022

Andrew Muir, MD
Barrett's Esophagus
Nicholas Shaheen, MD (UNC)
Esophageal Testing: How to Interrogate the Goose
C. Prakash Gyawali, MD (Washington University)
Clinical Cases Panel Discussion 1
Rahul Shimpi, MD (Duke, moderator) with Shaheen, Gyawali & Steven Clayton, MD (Wake Forest)
President's Report
Andrew Muir, MD
Pre‐Operative Evaluation of the Patient with Cirrhosis
Oren Fix, MD (UNC)
Pregnancy in Liver Disease
Carla Brady, MD (Duke)
Ready for “Liv”toff ‐ Strategies for the New Era of Organ Allocation
Andrew deLemos, MD (Atrium Wake Forest)
Clinical Cases Panel Discussion
Andrew Muir, MD (Duke) with Fix, Brady, deLemos, & Adam Zivony, MD (Digestive Health Partners, Asheville)
Optimizing Therapies in IBD: the New and the Tried and True
Millie Long, MD (UNC)
A Colon is a Nice Thing to Have, But it's Not Worth Dying For: The Management of Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis
Rich Bloomfeld, MD (Atrium Wake Forest)
Social Determinants of Health and Disparities in IBD
Karen Chachu, MD PhD (Duke)
Clinical Cases Panel Discussion
Patrick Green, MD (Atrium Wake Forest, moderator) + Long, Bloomfeld & Thacker
Government Affairs Panel
Bill Leland, MD (ECU, moderator), Chip Baggett, JD (NCMS), Kristin Baker, MD (NC General Assembly) & Greg Murphy, MD (US Congress)
Fellow Debates
Moderators: Rebecca Burbridge, MD (Duke), Bill Leland, MD (ECU) & Mark Russo, MD (Atrium Charlotte)
EUS: Beyond Cyst Gastrostomy
Prashant Mudireddy, MD (ECU)
Cutting Through: Endoscopic Management of Residual and Fibrotic Colorectal Polyps
Uzma D. Siddiqui, MD (U. of Chicago)
Clinical Cases Panel Discussion
Rebecca Burbridge, MD (Duke, moderator) Mudireddy, Siddiqui, Chauhan & Mishra
Endoscopic vs Surgical Management of Chronic Pancreatitis
Shailendra Chauhan, MD (Atrium Wake Forest)
Pancreatic Cancer Screening: Who, How, When
Girish Mishra, MD (Atrium Wake Forest)
The Impact of Consolidation on the Future of GI Practice
Larry Kosinski