80by201880% by 2018 Pledge!

 In conjunction with the American Cancer Society, Inc.  cancer.org

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We now have more than 700 partner organizations dedicated to this shared goal.  Since our launch of the 80% by 2018 during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March of 2014, every day we are getting closer to 2018, and I want to make sure we continue doing all we can to meet our goal of 80%.

We have a plethora of materials available for use in your everyday communications efforts to help shine the light on colorectal cancer all year long, many of which are highlighted in the 80% by 2018 Intro packet, attached. You can find these materials via the following links: nccrt.org/80by2018 and nccrt.org/tools

In addition, you may find the talking points and fact sheet particularly helpful as you advance the knowledge about the importance of screening:

Talking Points: http://nccrt.org/tools/80-percent-by-2018/80-by-2018-talking-points/

Fact Sheet: http://nccrt.org/tools/80-percent-by-2018/80-by-2018-press-kit/

80% by 2018 Graphic: http://nccrt.org/tools/80-percent-by-2018/responsible-use-agreement/

80% by 2018 Communications Guidebook:  Effective Messages for the Unscreened: http://nccrt.org/tools/80-percent-by-2018/80-by-2018-communications-guidebook/

As we continue to increase awareness of the Blue Star as a symbol for Colorectal Cancer Awareness, we hope you will use the graphic in your materials. It is available for download via the following link: http://nccrt.org/about/bluestar/

Thank you for your support and dedication to this very worthwhile cause.