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February 28 - March 1, 2015
Pinehurst Resort and Conference Cener in Pinehurst, North Carolina

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In 2006, the North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology (NCSG) was formed by and for interested gastroenterologists from both academia and private practice in North Carolina to gather and discuss the state of their profession. The Society felt that it was important that their organization be broadly representative of gastroenterologists from the state, both those in practices and those in academia.  They wanted to concentrate on issues that would make a difference, not just to its members, but to their patients and the community as a whole.

The NCSG’s mission is to promote the highest standards of gastroenterological care and practice in the State of North Carolina and to educate practitioners, trainees and the public about gastroenterology.

The Society aims to coordinate and foster relationships between gastroenterologists and other medical professionals who practice in the field of gastroenterology and endoscopy. NCSG’s annual conference provides an opportunity to aid gastroenterologist and health care providers stay connected and informed about the latest clinical and research advances.

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